Patient receiving one-to-one support
Patient receiving one-to-one support

Not an actual patient.

Talk to someone

who also has glaucoma — they know how you feel.

One-to-One Support

Talking to someone who’s been there can help

You don't have to take on glaucoma alone. You may want answers, or just someone to listen. One-to-One Support will enable you to talk with a glaucoma patient, whose first-hand experience can be invaluable in helping you face the challenges that can arise.


Meet your One-to-One Supporter

After you join the OPENINGS® Patient Support Program, you'll receive a toll free number which will connect you with a real glaucoma patient, one-to-one. Join now to talk to the Supporter below whose background and experience may be helpful to you.

Georgia B
Born 1943 - Nevada

She was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1999 and has been on a number of eye drop prescriptions. Georgia keeps notes posted around her home to help her remember to take her medications.

Nancy L
Born 1940 - Maryland

She was diagnosed in 2000 while she was working in China. She has changed treatments for her glaucoma several times. Nancy has found a "perfect helper" for managing glaucoma in her husband, who

Paul S
Born 1937 - Pennsylvania

Paul S., 78, of Pennsylvania, retired from a career in sales management and 20 years as a volunteer fireman. He enjoys watching and attending sporting events, displaying his model trains and village,

Kenneth F
Born 1943 - Arizona

Kenneth F., 72, works as an appraiser for a county assessor’s office in Arizona. He first learned he may be at higher risk of developing glaucoma during an annual checkup, and was officially diagnosed

Jan B
Born 1940 - Florida

Jan B., 60, works part-time as a paralegal and used to work in geriatric care management. She currently lives in Florida and enjoys making jewelry, stained glass and gardening. Jan has become well-versed in managing her